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Surviving the Summer Family Camp

What better way to spend your summer nights with the family than pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars?

Banks Peninsula is full of spots that are perfect for such an endeavour, and many people take advantage of that fact during our warmer months.

If you’re thinking of roughing it for a few nights in Canterbury’s great outdoors, here are ten things you could bring to ensure your New Zealand camping trip is a great success:

  1. Camp fire entertainment – Marshmallows, a pack of cards or any other board game really. Stock up on the kids’ favourites to wind down at the end of a day of running around in the sun, or for that unexpected stormy summer weather.toasting marsmallows
  2. teepee sheetWet Weather Gear – Even if the forecast is telling you there will be nothing but sun, with New Zealand weather’s notoriously unpredictable reputation, it pays to be prepared. If you’re in a tent, make sure the rain cover is packed away, along with the parkas and some extra blankets.
  3. Sun Stuff – On the other hand, the ever so bright (and burning) Kiwi sun can be almost as much trouble as an unexpected storm. Like they say, be sure to slip, slop, slap, and wrap when enjoying the great outdoors. It’s also a good idea to pack something that the kids can use as a sun sunshade. A simple piece of string and a sheet can make an awesome temporary DIY teepee tent. A great shade and a great den to play in.
  4. First Aid Kit – Bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers; all essentials for the travelling family. Every kid is bound to graze a knee or get a splinter, and being able to fix up an ailment in a jiffy reduces the worry and hassle of having to ask around for a hand. Sand fly repellent is a great idea too. No-one wants to be up woken up in the night with itchy ankles!
  5. Map – GPS, Google Maps, or whatever fancy technological equivalent you may have can do the job just fine, until it can’t. Have a back up old school hard copy of the way to your destination to avoid getting lost or stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Lights – Nobody likes having to get up in the middle of the night to find the loo, only to realise the lights are out and there’s nowhere to find them. Bring a torch or lamp, and some spare batteries, to avoid stumbling through the dark. Head torches work really well as you can be handsfree. They’re also great for a game of spotlight. Solar powered fairylights can also add a magic touch to any camping spot.fairy lights in akaroa
  7. Sleeping gear – Although sleeping bags and pillows are a given, it might pay to pack a few extra blankets for those colder nights. Don’t forget the air mattress or cot either – especially if you’re after a comfortable night’s sleep. There’s no reason you can’t ‘glamp’ up your own tent 🙂Camping in akaroa
  8. Food glorious food – A local Four Square or dairy is usually pretty helpful for anything you’ve forgotten, but for those more remote locations, prepping meal plans before you go can make a load of difference. Snacks are an essential for the little ones too as all that running around is bound to work up an appetite long before dinner. Don’t forget the utensils either – those beans aren’t much good if you can’t get into them!food natasha lombart Akaroa camp fire
  9.  Toilet Paper – One can only truly appreciate the wonders of toiletries when one has accidently left them at home before a camping trip. Be sure to double check for loo paper, wet wipes, soap, and hand sanitizer in your bathroom bag before you head off into the wilderness.If you have a family member like our Marketing Manager’s dog Darcy she’ll be sure to get the loo roll out for you….according to her you can never have enough 😉 Loo roll Darcy Doodle
  10. A sense of adventure – Not everything will go to plan, and there will no doubt be a bit of stress in the atmosphere, but try your best to go with the flow and make the most of it. There’s nothing quite like a Kiwi summer in the great outdoors!

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