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Planning a romantic weekend in Akaroa?

Peaceful Akaroa

Akaroa is the perfect place to go to for a romantic escape from the stresses of city life. The town has retained its ‘French Village’ character with many colonial-style buildings and French street names and throw mix in the ambience of a small seaside settlement with lots of cafes, restaurants and galleries and it’s just made for a lovely night away.

Driving over from Christchurch its worth stopping at Little River and visiting the cafe and art gallery, then once up the top of the Hill Top Pass Akaroa is revealed in the distance with quite an amazing view.

There are many great Akaroa activities – The key is staying somewhere that fits the bill and the Akaroa Country House and Tree Crop Farm are two very special spots.

Akaroa Country House

Akaroa Country House is very private with the cottage two hundred metres away from the main house down a pathway. The cottage is beside a small stream and has an outside bath, perfect for candlelight stargazing and is situated up secluded Takamatua Valley, amongst the native forest.

If you want something a little different Tree Crop Farm is well worth a visit. Also set in amongst the lovely native forest, many of the individual cabins do not have power, but they do have loads of candles and big fireplaces.

A theme of ‘Bohemian Love Shacks’ prevails, with lots of rugs and very little to disturb you. The place is full of colonial antiques amongst loads of sheepskins and fur rugs, herbs and flowers.

Tree Crop Farm

The  cafe has loads of insightful quotes written all over the walls, and it does have power, as does at least one of the cabins, if you really do need to plug in.

It is fair to say the world disappears at Tree Crop Farm as you sit in the outdoor bathtub – with a fire you’ve built underneath – at night, under the stars.

After a bit of a sleep in; which is encouraged, head into Akaroa for brunch at one of the many cafes that look out over Akaroa Harbour. It makes for a great prelude before walking along to the main wharf to jump on a Swimming with Dolphins trip with Black Cat Cruises.

Akaroa Harbour offers so much, and the chance to swim with the rare Hector dolphins is just an amazing experience. The team at Black Cat are so helpful and knowledgeable about the marine environment and the dolphins.

Everyone plays ‘dolphin spotter’ and once they’re found it’s into the water in wetsuits and time to really swim with the dolphins. You get loads of playtime with these amazing creatures, and then sadly it’s time to head back to base.

Akaroa is the only place in the world where you get to swim with the Hector Dolphins, the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin.

sometimes the best thing to do in life is doing nothing!!

After the swim a visit to Lumiere Day Spa is a great way to relax and unwind before facing a trip back to Christchurch. Located in the centre of Akaroa, getting a massage at Lumiere wil pamper your body and mind.

After leaving Lumiere, a coffee stop to fuel you for the drive back over the hill isn’t a bad idea. Just make sure it’s in a takeaway cup or you’ll find more reason to stay.

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