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Have you ever seen a cruise ship up close?  We see about 50 cruise ships a year docking in Lyttleton Harbour, and the sheer size of these ships never stops impressing us!  When we witness just how large these ships can be, we have to take a moment to consider what a feat of human ingenuity they are.

Cruise ships in Lyttelton


The Queen Mary 2

In January, the massive Diamond Princess Cruise Ship docked in Lyttelton and Black Cat was given the privilege of escorting the ship out of the harbour.  We gave our guests a very special two-hour ride alongside the Diamond Princess as she left Lyttelton for open sea.  A unique and memorable experience for everyone!

We had such a great time with the Diamond Princess that when we heard about the iconic Queen Mary 2 (QM2) docking in Lyttelton on the 26th of February, we jumped at the chance to escort this impressive ocean liner.

Once again, Black Cat will be offering cruise escort tours to our guests.  Join us for a two-hour tour on the 26th Feb 2011 (5:30pm to 7:30pm) as we accompany the Queen Mary 2 out of Lyttelton Harbour.

QM2’s classic design

We can’t wait for the chance to see this impressive liner up close and personal.  Unlike typical cruise ships, the QM2 was designed in the style of vintage ocean liners like the Queen Elizabeth 2 (built in 1967) and the original Queen Mary (built in 1936).

Her classic style lends her a very distinct look.  The design of the ship is so iconic that she’s even been the inspiration for cruise ships in movies like A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Poseidon and 2012.

Facts and figures

Be sure to head down to Lyttelton on February 26 to glimpse the ship from the public jetty.  Here are a few things to know about Lyttelton Harbour’s honoured guest for the day:


    • The QM2 was built in 2003 and was, at the time, the largest passenger ship ever built.  She has since been surpassed by a few cruise ships, but remains the largest ocean liner in the world.


    • To get a feel for the size of the ship, imagine Westminster Tower (Big Ben) in London.  Now imagine 3 and a half Big Bens stacked on top of each other…  That’s about the length of the QM 2.


    • The QM 2 has a passenger capacity of 2,620.


    • How do you keep 2,620 people entertained?  Well, the QM2 has an on-board cinema, shopping arcade, planetarium (the first planetarium at sea!), ten restaurants, spa, 8,000 volume library, five swimming pools, gym, basketball court, kennels and childcare facilities.  Not to mention the 300+ works of museum-quality art on display throughout the ship.


    • The QM2’s whistle is audible for 16 km.


Our captain is well-versed on the liner and will be entertaining guests of our tour with facts and anecdotes about the QM2.  And, of course, nothing beats an evening cruise of beautiful Lyttelton Harbour.  Keep your fingers crossed for the possibility of dolphin sightings!  Contact us for more information on our cruise ship escort tour.