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on the 9th of December 2012 a new Kiwi Ranger program will be launched on Quail Island.  Quail Island is a very special place just 15 minutes by ferry from Lyttelton Harbour which is just a 15 minute drive from central Christchurch.

here is a quick video showing highlights of the island and the program which is for all ages to enjoy:     Quail Island and the Kiwi Ranger program

Research shows that childhood experiences with nature plays a critical role in determining life attitudes, knowledge and behaviors towards the environment.  Kiwi Ranger is affordable fun for families – free in most places, or a gold coin donation in others.
Kiwi Ranger is a great way for families to explore new places together and learn something as well as having heaps of fun and earning a cool badge!

Kiwi Ranger guides families to make the most of their visit, by taking it beyond a mere walk in the park, to an experience worth remembering and treasuring.

It aims to encourage children to explore and experience the natural local environment, to develop a sense of wonder and sense of place, alongside their families.

In a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, we want to help families to fall in love with our natural world again.

By developing a strong network of Kiwi Ranger places, we hope to encourage families to build on their experiences, and go to more places, try new things, collect a new badge!

Kiwi Ranger is a fun, interactive programme for kids of all ages – from 3 to 103!
The programme started in the South Island but is expanding nationally from early next year.
Each site has its own booklet full of fun activities and walks to do. Completing the activities earns you a badge – unique to each location – and the title of Kiwi Ranger.

Kiwi Ranger is currently run from six national parks; Paparoa, Westland, Nelson Lakes, Mt Aspiring, Arthur’s Pass and Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, as well as Denniston Historic Reserve and Orokanui Ecosanctuary near Dunedin. Two new sites – Totaranui Great Walk Campsite and Otamahua/Quail Island near Christchurch – are being launched this December.

Check out the Kiwi Ranger website to find out about other Kiwi Ranger locations, where to pick up your booklets and to print out some other activities at www.kiwiranger.org.nz

Your adventure will get you exploring the island, reflect on a living a lonely island life with no TV or Xbox, imagine a living vessel at the ship’s graveyard, compete in the race to the pole, explore the traditional values of plants to providing nature’s services or be inspired to become a ‘word witch’ in the place that Margaret Mahy wrote.

Ōtamahua / Quail Island Kiwi Ranger was developed by DOC and Shades of Green, Rapaki Runanga, the Otamahua/Quail Island Restoration Trust and Black Cat Cruises.