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Lyttelton Ferry

Lyttelton Harbour was formed 11 million years ago when a massive volcano erupted and the sea filled its crater. Today it is a picturesque and vibrant town perched on the hillside overlooking the harbour. Just 13km from Christchurch (the South Island’s largest city) by bus or car through the famous Lyttelton Tunnel, the town is home to many locals who commute to work in the city each day.

The calm waters of the harbour are a popular recreational spot for sailing, fishing and swimming whilst the surrounding hills are great for mountain biking and walking.

Lyttelton is the hub for anyone living or working on this side of Banks Peninsula, with the Black Cat Lyttelton ferry fleet departing regularly through the day across to Diamond Harbour and the other bays facing the port.

Lyttelton is filled with fine old buildings, churches and Victorian cottages, plus many interesting shops, cafes and bars, a very popular Saturday morning farmer’s market, and historic features like the Timeball Station, which was the hourly timekeeper for anyone working in the port or out on the water.