What is the itinerary?

Your cruise itinerary gives you a clear idea of exactly what each cruise offers.

What do I need to bring?

We suggest you wear warm clothing. Even on warm days, there may be a cool sea breeze blowing. Sun screen and a hat is a must even if it’s cloudy. Bring your camera - there are incredible views.

Information for Parents

Our catamarans are suitable for families and for young children. The vessels have high rails, however we suggest that children are supervised at all times both for their own safety and for the enjoyment of the other people on board. We also suggest warm clothes, a hat and sun screen lotion.
Under 5's travel for free. Ask about our special family passes available on morning cruises only. Snacks including chips and soft drinks are available on board.

Information for Customers with a disability (akaroa)

The following provides a guideline to those of our customers who have a physical disability. We can cater for customers who are blind or have a loss of a limb.

For those with a mental illness we have never had any issues in the past provided there is good support from friends and family.

Below are more details focused on those in wheelchairs.

Information for Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises customers with a disability

We welcome customers in wheelchairs, with able body companions. We’ve invested in proper ramps to enable customers to get on and off the Black Cat with ease. Once on the Black Cat you will have access to a wide area of the bottom deck at the stern (rear) of the boat. The top deck is only accessible via a relatively steep set of steps. The bow area is not accessible because its quite a narrow walk up each side (too narrow for a wheelchair). You also have access to the main cabin of the vessel though this means you have to get over a 30cm lip from the back deck. In the back of the boat you will be able to see the harbour and the dolphins provided they circle the boat, which they normally do. It is however not the quietest part of the boat when she is travelling at speed because the engines are in the back. Sorry the toilets on board Black Cat are not wheelchair friendly.