Welcome to Banks Peninsula, home of The Hector’s dolphins and eco-tourism pioneers Black Cat Cruises

60 Seconds with…



What is your name and what is your role at Black Cat Cruises….

Sonya Watts – Photography & Customer Service


Where is your role based….



What three words would your friend’s use to sum you up?

Very, very funny


Tell us a secret or something unique about you….

I’m a man. shhh


What did you dream you would do when you grew up and why….

Supermodel, because I’m hot


Why did you want to work for Black Cat Cruises….

Because I fancied the boss


What do you love most about your job….

My boss


What’s different about Black Cat than any other place you’ve worked….

The team!

Describe one of your best days here….

Everyday, working here is awesome!!!