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New Zealand Bucket List

We love adventure and awesome, authentic experiences…and we love nothing more than delivering some of the best New Zealand activities from our homes in Akaroa and Lyttelton. We believe it’s important to have goals and passions and one interpretation of that is to have a bucket list…..a wonderful list of things you simply have to do, try or experience during your lifetime.

So we’d love to know what’s on your bucket list? Do you even have one?

Well if you do you are possibly similar to us in that ours is always growing! If you don’t we have the perfect solution to help you start curating a lifetime of rich adventure ahead….and guess what, it’s all right here in New Zealand!

Whilst we strive to continue to offer the best wildlife and nature cruise in New Zealand along with the best dolphin swimming in NZ….we want to ensure we deliver such a great experience that we continue to be recognised all around the world as the must do New Zealand activities.

Our Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise has been voted the number one wildlife activity in New Zealand so when we recently discovered that our Swimming With Dolphins Akaroa experience has been listed within the TOP 100 Bucket list by our friends over at Experience OZ + NZ we were / are over the moon!

They describe this activity as….

 ”those looking for an up-close encounter can join operator Black Cat Cruises on a magical encounter that makes for an entirely eco-friendly experience conducted with respect for the dolphins and in a highly responsible way. This is done through the combined method of restricting passenger numbers to just a handful, while also relying on the dolphins’ current whims rather than approaching them directly.”

To read the full list and see where we place (hint we are in the Top 30)…click here


We have just added the new Bucket List badge (as shown above) to our Instagram page. Tag a friend underneath the picture in a comment with #bucketlist and we will choose one lucky winner at random to come and experience our Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise with that friend*. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on November 17th.

Lastly a big congrats to The Giants House in Akaroa and to all of the other New Zealand tourism operators that have made this list too.

See how many you’d like to do and start creating / adding to that list today!




Jucy hotel christchurch

It was only one week ago that we were meeting Rt. Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister of Tourism at The New Zealand Tourism awards.

Fast forward 7 days and we’re back in his company at the official launch of the brand new (and first of it’s kind in NZ) Jucy Snooze hotel based at the Christchurch International Airport.

It’s the perfect place to spend the night when flying in or out of Christchurch, and of course particularly great if you have spent the day in Akaroa cruising or swimming with Hector’s dolphins and need to be back near the airport for your flight the next day / late evening!

The Jucy Hotel doesn’t open to guests until November so we thought you might want to have a little sneak preview. We even have a couple of behind the scenes shots from the night before the launch….step inside……

jucy hotel entrance christchurch

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, who is also the Minister of Tourism did a great job at the opening. It’s possibly the first time he has been to the unveiling of a pillow? Just another quirky Jucy touch….

Jucy Hotel John Key Christchurch


On the contrary to my little head popping out below there is nothing pokey about these pods. The Jucy pods are actually quite spacious, and really darn comfy. There’s room to securely store your luggage below, the blinds roll down to give you some privacy and there charging docks within your pod to satisfy any tech savvy traveller. Even the hammocks in the community area have charging docks.

Jucy hotel pods

Last but by no means least Jucy wouldn’t be ‘Jucy’ without some pretty cool touches and branding. We especially love the new ‘Pockets Of Awesome’artwork jointly comissioned by Jucy and Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism, along with the continuation of the indoor outdoor theme with these super deep and comfy pallet sofas and furniture!

jucy hotel decor

We say great job team Jucy! Will you be staying at the Jucy hotel? Let us know what you think below….


If you want to book a pod at the Jucy hotel simply visit www.jucy.co.nz

To rent a jucy car or camper (perfect for your trip to Akaroa!) then visit the Jucy website here